ABOUT LAST NIGHT: Jones vs Tyson Declared a Draw!

Article by Rick Mohamed

Last night we got to see a 54 year old “IRON” Mike Tyson 15 years retired take on Roy Jones Jr at the age of 51 and 3 years since he last fought, in a PPV event. 
Well, what can we say about last night? 
Mike still has that lateral side to side movement where he slips and then slides underneath the punch to attack the body! And Roy played his chicken game hands behind the back popping straight right hands and no look jabs as he used to entertain his fans in his hay day. 
Maybe it’s just me, but the whole show looked like a polished watered down ‘hold me, I’ll hold you’ sparring session. I understand when you have passion for something that you loved your entire life and made a life off of. However, to do this last night was to say what? 
In my honest opinion I feel that everyone who purchased this performance last night should all be reimbursed! 
I personally enjoyed Snoop Doggie Dogs’ performance over the whole Tyson vs Jones fight. Snoop referred to the 2 fighters as ‘2 uncles fighting at the cookout. Somebody go get Grandma!’ After the fight, they further sold it with Mike saying, like the old school 1970s Sidney Poitier & Bill Cosby classic film, “LETS DO IT AGAIN”! 
Let’s not. 
Why did this have to be a PPV event? I mean we are in the middle of a Pandemic for one. Second, we have so many unemployed people because of COVID19, with many businesses closing, including mom & pop shops as well as big corporations closing permanently – but these guys are stealing bags of money via PPV! 
If anybody was listening to Sugar Ray Leonard, you could tell he wouldn’t answer certain questions. When asked ‘Ray would you come back?’, Ray tapped danced around that question, as if to say for what? Ray knew this was some BS, but hey, he came for the check. Probably a nice one, I’m sure. 
This fight took place in the Staples Center in Los Angeles, a sports and entertainment venue. Was this sports, or was it entertainment? Maybe this was like WWE wrestling, which they call ‘sports entertainment’.  Like it or not, it does fill arenas. 
You decide. Well, boxing fans you should have lots to say. I am all ears.

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