Adrien “The Problem” Broner Returns With UD Over Jovanie Santiago.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Broner, in his first action since his car accident, wins despite serious ring rust-The Man is Back! Or is he?

Adrien “The Problem” Broner appeared to have some problems early on in the fight. That’s normal after having a 2 year hiatus from the ring. Broner came into the fight as usual in good fighting shape and condition. No problems there. 
However, you could see the ring rust he has compiled. Broner circled his opponent, while throwing very few punches, which is not normal for him. He put his punches together and started connecting with his jab later in the fight. 
Santiago, on the other hand, showed good poise, especially when you see that this was just his 15th pro fight (and his US debut as well). Santiago had his jab working and put in some good body work as well, overall. 
Most people who were polled voted that Broner lost this fight and that Santiago was the busier of the two fighters. He scored more often than Broner did. 
The Problem did start putting his punches together much better in the second half of the fight. Most were not landing clean and solid, though. Santiago never seemed to be in trouble or hurt by any of Broner’s attack. 
Keep in mind: this was in the 147 LB weight class-welterweight. Broner went on to receive a unanimous decision over Santiago. When Brian Custer for Showtime interviewed Broner after the fight, Broners message to Al Haymon was “hey just keep me busy, keep me in the ring, and maybe I’ll stay out of trouble, out of jail, and out of the media”
Broner says he is coming back down to rule in the 140 LB weight class division and looks to get a title shot soon. The four time divisional weight class champion stepped into the ring last night after 2 years off. We didn’t see any new shenanigans during the fight so he did appear to be more in control of his actions so good for AB. 
Congrats to “Team Broner” until next time. #THEBRAWLERSSPORTSBOXINGSHOW LETSGOCHAMPS!!

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