Badou Jack KOs Clutching Dervin Colina in 4

Article by Rick Mohamed

Badou Jack met Jean Pascal’s replacement Dervin Colina & finished him off easily in 4 rounds.

Miami, FL.: Badou Jack was disappointed at not being able to fight for the light heavyweight title belt he lost to Jean Pascal 2 years ago in their scheduled rematch. It was interrupted and cancelled when Pascal tested positive for 3 different banned substances in his system. 
Jack was left scrambling for an opponent, which he found with only days left to spare: Venezuelan Dervin Colina. Kudos go out to the brave Colina for taking this fight! He could’ve said no, but he didn’t. 
He did run into a buzzsaw, however. Jack pummeled, pounded and stalked the outmanned Colvin, who was left with only one tool to slow down the oncoming monster that was Badou Jack: holding. 
Yet, holding was almost all Colvin seemed to be able to do, even under threat by the referee that he’d be penalized 2 points for doing so. 
No matter, Jack knocked Colvin down 3 times in the 4th round, so according to Florida boxing commission rules, 3 knockouts in a round automatically rewards the stoppage to the man standing. That man is Badou Jack. 
What’s next for Jack? He’s 38, and is already a former champion at the super middleweight & light heavyweight divisions. He might try out the cruiserweight division, to become a 3 division champion. Brawlers Sports congratulates “Team Jack”!



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