Charles Conwell Shows Out on Ring City USA! Stops Madiyar Ashkeyev in 9.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Charles Conwell continued his climb towards a big money payday in the Junior Middleweight division. Conwell stood toe to toe at times, then boxed Madiyar Ashkeyev in Freddie Roach’s Wild Card Boxing Gym’s parking lot in North Hollywood. 
This is the new tv program called Ring City U.S.A. 
Ashkeyev was tough but wouldn’t go away throughout the night. Both fighters had to be warned by the referee to quit wrestling one another and box. Conwell’s corner instructed him to stay with the jab and keep his distance. He would have success delivering the punches they know Conwell likes. 
Conwell showed control and great poise throughout the fight. He managed to stop Ashkeyev within 9 rounds to retain his WBA junior middleweight title. 
During the pre fight presser with each fighter, Conwell was asked about the letter he wrote to Patrick Day, who fought Conwell last Oct 12th 2019. Conwell said his letter to Day was telling; he just wanted to hang his gloves up, never pursue boxing or step into the ring again. Day passed from sustaining an array of head shots and suffering (3) knock downs in their matchup last year. Conwell said a light came on and he could hear Day saying ‘man, continue your journey and fulfill your dream and your legacy’. 
That’s when he knew Day would have wanted him to do, to go on. Conwell wore a patch on his trunks last night and will wear in all his future fights in Day’s honor. The patch says PDAY ALL DAY. 
How classy is this of Conwell. He even reached out to Day’s parents, expressing his condolences and how sorry he was . Day’s parents told Conwell to ‘march on and keep winning’, and that Day’s spirit is now with Conwell. 
What a story. It’s obvious that Conwell is more than just a boxer; it’s fair to say this young man is a gentleman & scholar “PERIOD”. Congratulations to “Team Conwell” 

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