Charles “DUKE” Tanner, I’ll Be Home for the Holidays! Spared From a Life in Prison Sentence.

Article by Rick Mohamed

WOW! This is definitely heart felt news for former once up and coming top prospect in the light heavyweight division, Charles “Duke” Tanner. He was undefeated at 19-0 at the time of his arrest.
 Tanner was accused of leading a gang known as the Renegades. They had trafficked thousands of pounds of crack cocaine and marijuana, Tanner was convicted and sentenced in 2006. That was 14 years of his life robbed from him.
 I can only imagine his mindset and what he must have been thinking and going through all this time. He was away from his loved ones, family and friends, and being told that he would die in prison with no hope of parole.
 Tanner is from Gary, IN, He has been housed at the Low Security Federal Correctional Institution in Allenwood, PA. Back in 2018 President Barack Obama denied his request for clemency, but just yesterday evening he gets a call from the White House informing him that President Donald Trump has granted and signed off in his clemency request, making him a free man as of yesterday evening!
 This is truly a dream come true for Tanner. We at Brawlers Sports Media had the pleasure of being the first to speak with Tanner from prison via a phone call that his manager Mr. Troy Bly has reached out to Rick Mohamed, the CEO of Brawlers to conduct this interview with The Duke, if you will. I’ll be home for the Holidays should be Dukes go to song for the remainder of 2020 in my opinion.
 Congratulations to Charles “DUKE” Tanner on his freedom and release back into the real world. Also it has been shared that he has plans of pursuing a once successful career in boxing by joining the trainer for Terrance “Bud” CrawfordBrian Bomac down in Nebraska, according to Troy Bly. He expects to have Tanner in Camp ASAP. This is kinda like the Christmas movie go to movie “ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE”

LIVE Interview w/Charles "Duke" Tanner from Prison by Brawlers Sports Media CEO Rick Mohamed


Article by Rick Mohamed

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Brawlers was invited into the post press conference via Zoom.
Only Teofimo Lopez was there, as an angry, irate Loma skipped it.
The young Champion said he wants his respect!
“What else do I have to do?” I’m not cherry picking, I’m calling out the best!
Lopez also stated that he’s not like “Devin Haney fighting a
washed up old (Yuriorkis) Gamboa making easy money”. “Hell if
that’s what you want to do, I’ll collect them easy checks” he
said, but he only wants to fight the best.
Lopez also spoke of (Gervonta)Tank Davis fighting Leo Santa Cruz when Leo is a 130 pounder.

Let’s congratulate and honor our “NEW” American Unified Light-
weight Franchise champion Teofimo Lopez. Lopez was somewhat
sentimental in closing and told the press he was done after
questioning his Respect and ended the interview.