Devin Haney’s pops Bill Haney goes in on Gary Russell JR hard!

Article by Rick Mohamed

Ok boxing fans! As you know, the talk and the hype has been circulating that Devin Haney & Gary Russell Jr. will step into the ring to face the greatness of one another! 
Well, here is the latest: Haney’s dad Bill Haney goes off on Russell because team Haney sent team Russell what they call a terms sheet. Keep in mind this isn’t a contract, but simply their way of saying ‘Ok Gary, here are the terms of the fight, what network, what’s the purse, what’s the belt or belts on the line, rematch clause, etc., etc., . 
However, Russell rejected signing the term sheet; therefore he didn’t return that term sheet back to Team Haney per their agreement. Russell said ‘Hey, when MatchRoom & DAZN sign off that they are backing this fight 💯, then I’ll sign, not before.’. 
Haney’s dad claps back, saying that ‘it’s not a formal contract just the terms what’s ya problem?’. Basically, Haney’s dad is feels this way ‘Hey, you wanted this fight you got it and we not moving on you taking this fight, time to shit or get off the pot’. 
We shall see how this all irons out, and if Al Haymon also is behind this deal as well as MatchRoom & Hearn. Boxing fans chime in , share with us your thoughts!


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