"Mean Machine" Rolls: Egidijus Kavaliauskas stops Mikael Zewski in the 8th round.

Article by Rick Mohamed

WOW what a fight this was, boxing fans! I mean, super entertaining from start to finish. 
Mikael Zewski fought gallantly throughout but made mistakes that allowed Egidijus “Mean Machine” Kavaliauskas to capitalize with beautifully delivered right upper cuts, well perfected double jabs all night. These punches set up an array of combinations that delivered a powerful impact on Zewski! Kavaliauskas dropped Zewski at the final 10 seconds of the 7th round, and Zewski gets up on the count of 9 and that was the end of the 7th round. 
Unfortunately for Zewski, he came out for the 8th and wasn’t fully recovered, opening the door for Kavaliauskas to jump all over him. Referee Kenny Baylis stepped in for the stoppage. Awesome fight overall. Kavaliauskas wants a rematch from his lost to Bud Crawford. Congrats “Team Kavaliauskas”


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