Fernando Molina Makes Impressive US Debut on PBC FOX vs. Jose Zaragoza.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Fernando Molina made a very impressive US debut tonight in his 6 round bout vs/ Jose Zaragoza at Staples Center. Molina is a very busy fighter who throws bunches of punches all night long. He did take a clean left hook from Zaragoza in the second round. 
However, after taking that left hook, he sat down on his butt, regrouped, and delivered a beautiful right hand uppercut to send Zaragoza to the canvas. 
Molina is an up and coming prospect making noise early in the 140 Lb junior welterweight weight class division. He has great speed, awesome foot work, and is a solid counter puncher. He also throws many jabs throughout the fight. 
This is another promising young gun that is showing everyone all the talents and boxing IQ he possesses. Molina is handled by the legendary Shelly Finkel, advisor to Deontay Wilder, Mike Tyson, just to name a few. This young man is well on his way. Congrats to “Team Molina” 

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