Former 2X Super Middleweight David Benavidez Beats Ronald Ellis Down in 11th Round.

Article by Rick Mohamed

David Benavidez says he’s ready for the big names: Canelo, Plant, and Charlo.

David Benavidez put on a boxing clinic/assassination on Ronald Ellis in their match. Benavidez, who is known to start somewhat slow in his fights, picked up the pace after maybe the 4th round. Once that happened, history was in the making. 
Ellis was as game an opponent as they come! Ronald Ellis, in my opinion, greatly outperformed most of Benavidez’ previous opponents. To have lasted until the 11th and final round after referee Johnny Callas stopped the action from a vicious attack that Benavidez put together, was amazing. 
Ellis did well in the 9th and continued to come forward and cut the ring off from Benavidez. However, the beating that Benavidez had given Ellis in all the other previous rounds had taken a toll on his 31 year old body. 
Benavidez, on the other hand, is 24’years old with 24 wins and 21 of them by way of KO. Benavidez now says he is ready to take on CANELO Alvarez , Jermall CHARLO, and Caleb PLANT. 
Keep in mind boxing fans: Benavidez has never lost his title in the ring to any opponent! He clearly failed to make weight last Aug vs Roamer Alexus Angulo. When Showtime commentator Brian Custered asked the former 2X Super Middleweight champ if he had a discipline problem. Benavidez responded “No, I just didn’t make weight and that’s behind me now. I was on point for making weight for the Ellis fight, no problem with my diet or anything”. 
Benavidez is determined to get his strap back as well as all the others to unify. I can see Benavidez’ next fight being for the title. The question is: Vs who? This performance showed just how much of a beast and how focused Benavidez was. Well boxing fans, I hoped you enjoyed the fight. I sure did. Until next time. LETSGOCHAMPS!!! #THEBRAWLERSSPORTSBOXINGSHOW

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