[LIVE INTERVIEW] Former WBA Super Fly Weight Champion Andrew Moloney Breaks Down the Infamous Head Butt Ruling.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Brawlers Sports Media CEO Rick Mohamed was honored by his first ever international interview with Australian Andrew Moloney. Moloney, as many of you recall, as well as the entire boxing community, witnessed a bogus head butt call by the referee. This happened in Moloney’s rematch Joshua Franco on the Nov 14 2020 undercard of the Terrance “Bud” Crawford vs Kell Brook match. 
Moloney said the ringside commentators Timothy Bradley and his co-commentator were telling Moloney as they watched the replay over and over on their monitors. They strongly felt that there was no head butt. Moloney stated himself that his jab closed Franco’s eye. He then used that eye as his painted target for the rest of the fight. 
Also, if he had heard the ref state that the eye was closing due to a head butt,  he would have changed things up. He would’ve kept boxing on the outside until the 4th round, where they would have had to go to the score cards. 
Brawlers asked Moloney what were the words exchanged as he stood in the platform to do his brief interview, he stated it wasn’t Franco talking trash to him. Instead, it was Robert Garcia’s son and his dad saying we beat you easily in the first fight! Duh, that fight is over. We’re only dealing with tonight’s rematch. You got beat, period. 
I asked Moloney: was the rematch discussed and promised that night before he left the country. He said that Bob Arum had said that they still owe him a rematch for the trilogy in the Moloney vs. Franco contract. Moloney says he came to America twice to Franco. Now he wants the trilogy match in his hometown in Australia, which is only a fair request. They feel that Franco and his team should honor that. 
Moloney was so disappointed in the whole instant replay feature showing the truth, yet they were allowed to give boxing yet another black eye in the sport. They should have overturned the referee’s decision and say hey he’s only human, he felt. The human eye made an error, but this was the night for instant replay to put honest boxing back on the map. 
I agree with Moloney💯. What’s the purpose of having instant replay capability if you’re not going to utilize it in its proper manner? Moloney just knew he was going to get his strap back and be named “THE NEW 2X WORLD CHAMPION”, until disaster occurred. 
The former World Champion says he will defeat Franco again in the trilogy. Thank you again, champ for the interview! You are a gentleman & scholar of the sport. 

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