Gary Antonio Russell Nets Technical Decision Vs Juan Carlos Payano.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Gary Antonio Russell stepped up in competition tonight Vs Juan Carlos Payano. Russell came out being the aggressor, establishing his jab and working the body nicely. 
With Team Russell in the corner: big brother Gary Russell JR WBC Featherweight Champion and Russell Sr sharing advice with Antione. This was a great test fight for Russell, because Payano is a noted seasoned veteran. 
The work that Antonio put in tonight showed he’s serious. He definitely belongs with the other top elite fighters in his weight class. The body work and combinations Russell was able to put together in this fight were great. 
He’s definitely no stranger in the ring, having come from a top level amateur pedigree. He’s had lots of amateur fights and has seen many various styles of fighters. he’s faced takes his boxing IQ off the grid. 
Russell ran his record to 18-0 with 12 KO’s in the Bantamweight division. Antonio received a technical decision. The fight was ruled due to an accidental head butt that caused Payano to sustain a very bad cut. 
This caused the referee to stop the fight and give Russell the W. This was due to a butt, not a cut from a punch. Had this been ruled a stoppage due to a cut from getting hit, Russell would have received the TKO credit instead of the TD. 
Well, another explosive performance delivered by Russell tonight. I can’t wait to see what 2021 holds for him. Congrats to “Team Russell”.*

* In the video, Antonio is referred to as “Antoine”. His actual name is actually Antonio. We regret and sincerely apologize to the Russell family and to you for the error…

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