Gervonta Davis Withstands the Test & KOs Leo Santa Cruz in 6.

Gervonta Tank Davis

Article by Rick Mohamed

Gervonta “Tank” Davis was trying to deliver that left upper cut since the bell rang in round 1. Leo Santa Cruz appeared to have a great fight plan coming into the fight. However, he mixed it up too much with Davis instead of standing tall and sticking with his jab and height. 
Both fighters fought gallantly. 
Unfortunately, Santa Cruz got caught with a clean upper cut power shot that sent him to the canvas. He was asleep once he went down. Tank withstoods the test and won the 135 lb belt plus the 130lb strap. Davis was asked who’s next.. He replied with “No need to call anybody out. They know who number 1 is, just line ’em up and I’ll knock them down”. 
What a beautifully delivered punch for the KO. Tonight’s Main Event was an excellent one. Congrats to “Team Davis”. #THEBRAWLERSSPORTSBOXINGSHOW.

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Article by Rick Mohamed

Canelo Alvarez turns into the teacher as he schools and shares his strategies with his protege, young up and coming prospect Ryan Garcia. Garcia takes on Luke Campbell DEC 5 2020. Canelo understands what it’s like to mentor a young fighter. He doles out wisdom and provides good solid criticism to help them. This makes them better prepared in their craft.
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Make no mistake, Garcia is stepping up to the plate to take on a very big test, a very dangerous opponent in Campbell. I admire all these young talented up and coming future World Champions! We’ve seen Teofimo Lopez Knock the legendary WBC Franchise fighter Vasily “Loma” Lomachenko off his throne. The younger generation of fighters are coming for these elite world champions and are showing them that they are the future of boxing and a force to be reckoned with. Canelo understands lending that helping hand, that knowledge, the same as his Mentor once upon a time did for him. 
The Legendary Oscar De La Hoya the Golden Boy and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions. This is what you call paying it forward. That’s it for now, boxing fans, we would love to hear your feed back on this. #THEBRAWLERSSPORTSBOXINGSHOW