Heavyweight Prospect Michael Coffie Polishes Off Darmani Rock by KO in 3.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Coffie burns Rock and establishes himself as another heavyweight on the rise

Michael Coffie, a heavyweight prospect out of Brooklyn NY, beats up a sloppy and out of shape Darmani Rock. Rock came from a good pedigree of boxing in the amateurs, but it didn’t show here.
 Coffie, big and strong, came out and established his jab. He even changed up to the southpaw stance while inviting Rock to stand and bang with him for a minute. Darmani Rock was obviously in this fight to do one thing: to collect his pay check, and that’s it. 
Rock came into this fight with a respectable record of 17-0 with 12 KO’s, so go figure. 
Coffie dropped Rock in the 3rd round with a beautiful left uppercut, causing Rock to barely make the count. Rock returned to his feet just to get dropped once again by a vicious and well delivered left hook by Rock. 
The heavyweight division is stacking up with more and more talented prospects arriving for their slice of that dream pie. 
Coffie was instructed going into this fight that the key things to pay attention was that Rock likes to shuffle his feet and drops his hands. Coffie is definitely on his way, and I don’t think he’s that far off from getting his first step up fight. He proves that he’s off to bigger and better fights and purses. 
Congrats to “Team Coffie”. Brawlers will be tracking this up and coming heavyweight, that’s for sure. Until next time boxing fans, LETSGOCHAMPS!!

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