Josesito Lopez Destroyed Francisco Santana With 10th Round TKO.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Whoa, what a performance and show Josesito Lopez put on tonight! He beat Francisco Santana like the man stole something from him. 
Lopez delivered power shot after power shot behind the jab superbly all night, wearing a beaten Santana down. Lopez dropped Santana in the first round with a hard left & right hook to the body. That combo sent Santana to the canvas. Lopez landed hard shots all night. 
I can’t believe Santana’s corner allowed their fighter to sustain such punishment without seeing an urgent need to protect him. Santana fought like a true warrior and only wanted to go out on his shield. However, this was exactly the kind of tragedy that we see so so often in the sport of boxing. Is it the Wilder Vs Fury rematch that set the tone for cornermen to not throw in the towel and protect their fighter to fight another day? 
Maybe they’re paralyzed with fear of being fired by the fighter. The referee also could have stopped this fight as early as the 8th round. Yet the fighter was responsive to the referees instructions and the fighter followed them, stoppage could have occurred. That referee saw him every round. It was enough to know that he was taking a beating in there and wobbling back to his corner with his legs like spaghetti. 
Lopez is a big threat in the welterweight division and he’ll get another title shot! Mind you, when he squared off vs Keith Thurman, he was able to rock Thurman’s world. He belongs in that elite class of 147 lb. fighters. Congrats to “Team Lopez “ Elite trainer Robert Garcia continues to build a stable of world champions and contenders. 


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