Keith “One Time” Thurman: Bob Arum is a Garbage Promoter!!

Article by Rick Mohamed

Breaking News: Recent video from Thurman also says penny-pinching Bob Arum should let Bud Crawford and other champions make their own championship fight deals.

Check out the video below…

Wow, the former Welterweight champion Keith Thurman keeps it 100% with Bob Arum! Thurman tells Arum it’s not his fault nor all the other PBC fighters’ fault that he can’t afford a big money fight for his own superstar fighter Terrance “Bud” Crawford.
Thurman says Arum is the worst promoter in the game. It’s not his fault that he’s a bigger superstar than Bud. Bud is the WBO World Champion. Thurman says he doesn’t need ‘no $10 Million dollar pay check’. 
Yet if the respect is in the check, then it appears Arum may have lowballed Thurman to the tune of around $2 Million. That’s a clear slap in the face. 
The former World Champ goes on to explain how all Arum fighters end up leaving him because he can’t produce big money fights for them. A good example would be when Floyd “Money” Mayweather left by buying out the remainder of his contract. To do this, he paid Bob $850K. He then said “I’m out, deuces TR!”. 
Thurman speaks much truth in this video, because it’s a fact that Arum can’t match Bud up with one top PBC welterweight. They seem to carry more power and publicity than his own champion Bud Crawford, does. Arums’ pockets are way too light to even consider matching Bud up with another great welterweight. Add to that the fact that PBC has all the superstar welterweights in their stable! 
I doubt very seriously if there will be a Bud Vs Porter, Spence, Thurman, or Pac-Man bout in the near future simply because Bob doesn’t have the money to make the deals happen due to his financials. Well here’s hoping, I guess. This is breaking news boxing fans, what are your thoughts on what Thurman is addressing in this video? #THEBRAWLERSSPORTSBOXINGSHOW LETSGOCHAMPS!!

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