Philadelphia’s Own Jaron Boots Ennis Destroys Sergey Lipinets in 6.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Jaron Boots Ennis seems to be ready for the big boys now: will it be Bud Crawford or Errol Sence?

Jaron Boots Ennis came out from the bell establishing his jab and attacking the body masterfully. He simply outfought and overwhelmed the game but overmatched Sergey Lipinets. 
He won the fight with a 6th round KO. 
Boots is so versatile and relaxed in the ring. He can do whatever he wants in there and make it look like so much fun doing it. To be so skilled with both hands in a southpaw stance as well as in his conventional stance, is amazing. 
Sergey Lipinets fought about as gallantly and as bravely as he could, but none of that was going to keep Ennis’ attack off of him! Boots Ennis displayed yet another powerful and impressive performance tonight at Mohegan Suns Casino in Uncasville CT. 
The welterweight division is under attack, make no mistake about it. As I often say, there is a new Sheriff in town and his name is Jaron “ BOOTS” Ennis. I say let’s sling shot Ennis from here to fighting one of the top 3 welterweights. 
Catapult him right to a title shot. 
Boots stays so busy and he is so elusive in the ring, it would be hard for any fighter to figure him out in the big money bouts. It is inevitable: we should get a Boots Vs Bud Crawford, or a Boots Vs Spence bouts soon! 
Either of these 2 matchups would be great for the sport of boxing. They would have that same greatness and history, evoking the likes of Leonard vs Hearns, Duran, and Hagler. Congrats to “ Team Ennis” I’m sure all the boxing fans can’t wait to see what’s next for Ennis. Until next time. LETSGOCHAMP. 

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