Philadelphia’s Own Stephen Fulton Jr. Captures WBO World Title vs. Angelo Leo.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Stephan Fulton Jr. surprised Angelo Leo as he beat the champion at his own game, brawling up close and inside all night. He switched it up at times, by boxing as well. Fulton fought a smart and magnificent fight to crown himself as the new WBO 122KB World Champ. 
He beat Leo with a snappy jab and close encounters where power shots to the body and head were delivered all night. I don’t think Leo anticipated this type of fight strategy or performance from Stephen Fulton Jr. I will say Leo is a tough fighter and displayed the heart of a champion, fighting to the last bell of the final round. 
Fulton was just too much for Leo. 
He was the more polished and had the most success in the ring tonight, making him the better man and the new WBO Champion. 
The 122LB division is on fire, sporting a very large amount of quality fighters to choose from. For example, the fight that occurred before Fulton/Leo featured Ra’eese “The Beast” Aleem, who destroyed Victor Pasillas in 11 rounds. Aleem says he wants anybody with a strap. 
Now, that could be him fighting Stephen Fulton JR. I personally would love to see a Fulton Vs Aleem matchup. How explosive that fight would be, man oh man! 
We shall see what’s next for Team Fulton Jr. and see who his next challenge is. I’m sure that based on the timetable of him waiting six months for tonight’s fight after testing positive for COVID19, then Leo’s testing positive as well, which further delayed their fight. 
I can see Fulton trying to come back by May or June trying to make up for the lost time. Congrats to Team Fulton JR. Boxing fans, don’t forget to share your thoughts and comments about this figbt and future potential bouts that may happen. Until next time. 

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