Rolando “Rolly” Romero Delivers Impressive Stoppage of Avery Sparrow in 7!!


Article by Rick Mohamed

Rolando “Rolly” Romero, the WBA Lightweight Interim champion ran his record to 13-0 with 11 KO’s after knocking out Avery Sparrow in the 7th round. Romero set the tone and the pace of the fight at the bell and dropped Sparrow in the first round. The boxing clinic and beat down continued from then on. 
Not taking anything away from Sparrow: regardless of all the punishment he sustained in the fight, the kid continued to try and put something together to turn the fight in his favor. 
Romero stayed on course and continued to deliver fast snappy jabs with conviction behind every one. He delivered furious body shots and powerful head shots throughout the night. Although Sparrow started having some good luck in delivering and catching Romero a few times with that wild hope and a prayer looping right hand, Romero just took it and kept coming with the attack. 
He just stayed with the fight plan he had been working in for this fight his entire camp. Romero stayed the course until he wore Sparrow down. 
(Romero was originally scheduled to fight Justin Pauldo, but Pauldo didn’t make the weight per the contractual agreement). 
Romero hurt Sparrow many times shot after shot, and by the six round Sparrow was hurt and out in his feet. Suddenly, out of desperation, he delivered an intentional very low blow to Romero, which he hoped he would slow Romero’s attack. 
This might have been meant to give him enough of a painful distraction. Just maybe, it could give him some good fortune and catch Romero with a good punch and turn the fight in his favor. However, the referee immediately stopped the action to deduct 2 points from Sparrow. 
The 7th round came and that was it. Romero came out fierce and angry over the intentional low blow in the 6th. He hammered out a TKO stoppage in the 7th round with 43 seconds into the round. 
Well, the lightweight division is also one to watch out for. It is also filled with great talent. Congratulations to “Team Romero “! These up and coming prospects are the future of boxing. So far everyone of these kids are delivering and carrying that torch proudly. Until next time, boxing fans.

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