Shakur Stevenson Delivers a Real Beating to Toka Khan Clary.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Shakur Stevenson was definitely too much for Toka Khan Clary tonight. What can you say? 
The kid has mad talent; his boxing IQ is off the grid and his skill set is impeccable. This kid is a technician in that ring! He delivered a superb victory in my opinion, though he didn’t get the KO. He’s not a power puncher, just a fair one. 
This was a mere blowout. 
Clary had only a 9% punch stat ratio for the entire 10 rounds. Clary should still be respected, because he knew what he was up against from the bell. He refused to just quit. Instead, he went into survival mode to go the distance. 
Stevenson has given up his Featherweight title and has moved to 130LBS, where there are plenty of fun great fights that await him: Loma, Davis, Teo, Colbert, and Jojo. 2021 is going to be a great year for boxing. 
There are lots and lots of big matchups out there in multiple weight classes. Stevenson says he is interested in Berchelt next. This kid looked like he can go 10 more rounds, Stevenson was in superb shape. Congratulations to “Team Stevenson”. Until next time boxing fans.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Brawlers Sports Media CEO Rick Mohamed spoke with boxing’s next female phenom, Ms. Fei Faiva. Fei said she is learning something new each and every time she steps in that square. Fei talked about how she sets up her attack mode for her opponents by gradually closing the gap and scooting her left foot closer and closer to her opponent while using good upper lateral side to side torso movement. 
This young lady is training in the same legendary boxing gym in Catskills NY as the former Heavyweight champ of the world did “IRON” Mike Tyson at Cus D’ Amato gym. Fei’s trainer Mr. Darrin Ruff said he is very pleased with the training and the quickness that Fei catches on with. She is truly a joy to train and be a part of on a daily basis. He says he can see her moving up to 6 rounders moving into 2021. 
Fei’s manager Mr. Kyle Lyles said she is fighting in GA. for her 5th pro fight come 12 DEC. I would assume Fei will be 5-0 with possibly 4 KO’s by then. 
This young lady, mind you, is only 18 years old and has so much more learning and growing to do. I still say she will have her first World Title by mid to late 2021. Manager Lyles says all the same people trainers, etc who were there before Tyson had arrived are still there and all play a key role with Fei’s training. 
Can you imagine all the knowledge that is being instilled in young Fei from legends of the game?! All I can I can say to women in the 126LB weight division is: there is a new Sheriff in town and her name is “FEI FAIVA”

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