Subriel Matias Puts Shellacking On Baltimore's Own Malik Hawkins

Article by Rick Mohamed

Subriel Matias was clearly too much for Malik Hawkins to handle, period. Matias continuously marched Hawkins down with that devastating bomb shell of a jab he snaps out there. Matias was way too busy, and let his hands go beautifully with multiple combination counts on Hawkins throughout the fight. 
Hawkins got dropped by a left hook behind the head. Unfortunately this was ruled a foul but unintentional, if you will! It’s boxing guys, and it happens. 
Matias takes his record to 17-1 in the Super Lightweight Div.. Hawkins is a rising star, but tonight he got outclassed hands down as his record goes to 18-1. Matias is also said to be cousin to the Puerto Rican Legend Felix “Tito” Trinidad. Great performance tonight by Matias, Congrats “ Team Matias”



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