Super Middleweight WBA Interim Champion David. O Morell Jr. Ends 2020 With a “BANG”

Article by Rick Mohamed

David Morell Jr. destroyed Mike Gavronski in 3 quick rounds. Morell gave Gavronski a good old fashioned shellacking, as if Gavronski took his lunch money. 
Morell said he took this fight with only a 4-week notice. I’m sure that after he and his team researched Gavronski’s boxing background, Team Morell knew this was a safe fight to take. 
Morell was way over seasoned vs Gavronski, but the show still must go on. Morell had much success with almost every punch he threw last night. He employed an arsenal of nice crispy & snappy jabs, straight power left hands, and a devastating right uppercut that would often rock Gavronski’s head back like the old school boxing toy “ROCK’EM” SOCK’EM ROBOT! 
Morell no doubt is a talent that’s coming up and making a name for himself in the Super Middleweight division at a rapid pace. He’s definitely one to keep an eye on in the very near future. 
After multiple knockdowns, a third round beat down caused the referee to stop this contest after seeing enough of Gavronski getting pummeled by Morell. Gavronski delivered no punches back at Morell or even attempted to fight back and defend himself. 
Nonetheless this was a solid stoppage, saving a fighter that had no desire to fight. Well, this closes out the year of 2020 with a BANG. What a year 2020 has delivered to us all during this pandemic. Many of us tragically losing love ones, if you will. 
Remember everybody: please continue to mask up, keep your hands clean, and practice social distancing. I can’t wait for the new year to start us off with another young exciting gun in Ryan Garcia vs Luke Campbell Jan 2 2021. See you guys next year! Hope you’ve enjoyed all the content that Brawlers Sports Media has delivered to you all.

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