Terrance “BUD” Crawford Tells His Story on the ESPN Documentary Relentless.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Terrance “Bud” Crawford hails from Omaha, Nebraska. The 3-Time Divisional champion talks about his motivation. It comes from his family, and being able to take care of them, put food on the table, and a roof over their heads. 
Crawford says if it wasn’t for his family, if he didn’t have a family of his own (wife and children) he probably wouldn’t be boxing. He speaks about his doubters, saying he would never amount to anything. They also said that there has never ever been not one great fighter or anything boxing related to come out of Omaha, for that matter. 
Andre Ward, former Olympian and World champion, who conducted the documentary Relentless, asked Bud what makes him so special from all the rest of the fighters claiming they are the P4P. 
Crawford said he has a God gifted talent to be able to box going forward, box going backwards, counter punching, fighting conventional, southpaw, etc. All these skill sets separate him from any other fighter in the game, Crawford said he can make what critics and fans call a good fighter and make them look average. 
When asked who does he think is the undeniably the P4P best in the world, he says “Me, that’s who!” Crawford stated he wouldn’t want this to be the time to fight Errol Spence! After surviving a near fatal, horrific car accident back in Feb after the Porter fight, Bud felt that after he would beat Spence. However, the critics and fans then would say, ‘oh Spence wasn’t himself’. ‘He wasn’t 100% like the Spence we’re used to seeing’. and discredit his accomplishment and getting that W. 
Crawford, when asked who would he like to fight and walk away from the sport, Bud replied I want in this order: Pac-Man, then Spence, Garcia, and Thurman. These great champions are who he wants to close out his boxing legacy, if you will. Bud states right now if he wanted to walk away from the sport that he would be in the HOF unquestionably and that he has done enough to earn his slot in The IBHOF in NY. 
Bud has unified the 145 Lb weight division, the 140 lb weight division, and now had the WBO welterweight strap that he wants unify the Welterweight division. Crawford says it’s not my fault Spence won’t step up and accept my challenge, nor Thurman. He said “I was calling them guys out before I even moved up to the welterweight division.”. 
Ward says Spence calls himself the big fish and how does the bother or affect you? Bud’s response was he can’t be the big fish until he has fought me “THE ORCA”. Crawford has his biggest challenge yet in the welterweight division this Saturday night as he faces a tough Kell Brook, who already fought Errol Spence. 
Spence became champion that night after going across the pond to fight Brook in his own backyard. Truth be told Brook handled himself against Spence nicely and boxed brilliantly into the fatal eye socket injury came in the 11th round, in my opinion that fight was headed to a draw had Brook not sustained that injury. I believe Saturday night will be a very explosive night for Terrance “BUD” Crawford. 


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