The Boxing Business Break Down 101 Part 1-That Controversial Phantom Head Butt.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Legendary boxing promoter, Top Rank Promotions CEO Bob Arum speaks out on the controversial head butt that nobody saw…
Boxing fans, welcome back from another exciting yet explosive weekend of great boxing talent. First, I want to speak about a recent video clip of the CEO of TR (Top Rank) Promotions Mr. Bob Arum. 
The 89-year old legend shared his thoughts on the terrible decision of the commission, and the instant replay rule on that invisible head butt in the rematch between Andrew Moloney & Joshua Franco. Bob stated that this is terrible to take 30 minutes to review a 2:15 round from every angle via instant replay and yet still not find this supposed head butt that caused Franco’s right eye mind you, to be closed shut completely. 
Arum went on to say that this is terrible for the fighter! He has taken time away from his family and normal everyday routines to prepare himself and go to an 8 – 10 or 12 week camp. Then they go and take his win away where he clearly won by TKO and should have been named the 2X world champion. 
When Mr. Arum was asked does he need to do, Arum replied with quote unquote “GET THE FUCK OUT OF VEGAS”! I surely hope that a third fight is already being discussed and finalized for early 2021 in all fairness to Moloney.


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