The Boxing Business Breakdown 101 Part 2: How a Fighter Can Sell Himself for Big Paydays.

Article by Rick Mohamed

If you missed Part 1, You Can Read It Here

Bob Arum was asked does Bud Crawford want to stay a TR fighter once his current contract expires, and Bob replied it’s not whether he wants to stay with TR, but does TR want to keep promoting Terrance Crawford? Whoa, so Bob has made it clear that he has lost so much money promoting Bud in his last (3) fights that he could have built a new house in Beverly Hills for the money he has lost on Bud. 
Damn really, yes facts. Bob says Crawford must figure out how to self promote himself like Shakur, like Teofimo Lopez does. This is a business, keep in mind boxing fans. 
Here is the analogy break down of what Bob is saying: Ok, Mayweather was the master at marketing himself, promoting himself, and saying outlandish things towards his opponents. He was building his audience and followers that much further, so when he would fight on PPV he would maximize those purchases. 
Bob is therefore saying ‘hey if we make a Spence vs Crawford fight happen they know automatically Spence is the draw, the ticket seller at the gates on PPV in all the homes’. So, ‘hey Bud, if Spence sells over a million homes, you need your followers to match that, as well as the gate’. If not, Spence can and will argue that he is making all the money, not Bud. 
This is how fighters say ‘hey it’s gonna be a 70/30 split or a 60/40 cause I’m the cash cow on fight night’. I’ll leave this there for another segment at a later date for now. 

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