The Bronze Bomber Declines Mayweather’s Offer to Train Him!

Deontay Wilder Bronze Bomber

Article by Rick Mohamed

Former heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, aka the Bronze Bomber, has declined Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s offer time train him and better prepare him. He believes that he can provide Wilder with tools that he will need to beat Tyson Fury in their Trilogy whenever it takes place. 
I personally don’t feel that Floyd is the guy for this job. Simply, it’s because of his style of fighting. It just doesn’t fit for a 6”9 Heavyweight. It’s all wrong, if you will.
Wilder needs someone that fully understands how a heavyweight fighter fights. Preferably, it would be another former world heavyweight champion who can give him the tools, training, and preparation. That’s what Wilder will need to be successful. 
In my personal opinion, I feel that former Olympic Bronze Medalist Heavyweight and a former professional Nate “The Snake” Jones should be that man. I believe Nate & Wilder would gel. Nate will give him all that he needs to not only survive Fury, but possibly pull off an upset victory and end their Trilogy. 
Boxing fans, boxing experts, what’s your take on this trainer situation for Wilder? Sound off!


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