The Canelo Alvarez Saga Continues: Canelo has asked for Declatory Relief in his Lawsuit Vs. GB CEO Oscar De La Hoya & DAZN.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Ok boxing fans, what this means is that Canelo Alvarez is asking for the courts to allow him to abandon ship and remove himself from this business deal nightmare, if you will. Think about this for a minute: once upon a time there was a guy named Richard Schaefer who ran all of GB (Golden Boy Promotions),  was a money making guru, complete with an experienced financial background! 
Schaefer made GB Promotions company what it is today, and now Schaefer is back in the boxing world. Now he’s teamed up with his old pal, and that’s who? That’s right, it’s  MR . Al Haymon himself. 
Now think about this: Showtime Al Haymon & Canelo became one big happy family. Now all of a sudden Canelo is a PBC fighter! Hmmmm. 
Very interesting, huh? Where does this leave the Golden Boy Oscar De La Hoya and his promotion company GB? I honestly think that if this scenario pans out with Canelo becoming a PBC fighter, GB will he ruined. Sound off, boxing fans! What do you think? 


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