"The Ice Life": Former Lt. Heavyweight Champion Montel Griffin's New Book

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Article by Rick Mohamed

Brand new autobiography recounts his encounters with Ali, his Dad”s death and his abandonment of boxing and his father’s gym, then returning to become an Olympian and a 2-time champion.

Former Olympian and 2-time lightweight champion Montel Griffin has released his autobiography, “The Ice Life”

In it, he tells of his early life growing up on the South Side of Chicago. Growing up in his gather Clarence Griffin’s gym, Windy City Boxing, he tells of a famous boxer who visited them. Muhammad Ali lived in Chicago and asked Clarence if he could train at his gym whenever he was in town. The answer was a resounding Yes. 

The boxing legend would come by occasionally, inspiring those who worked out and visited the gym, including Clarence’s young son Montel. Montel showed potential in the ring, and many predicted he would be a great champion much like the gym’s famous visitor.

Tragedy struck the Griffin family. Patriarch Clarence passed away, leaving a grief-stricken Montel without his greatest influence. As a result, he would walk away from the sport he’d spent so much time and years perfecting,

Years later, he decided to revisit boxing and take up the family mantle once more. He eventually became a member of the U.S. boxing Olympic team, and later turned professional.

Griffin fought well as a pro, earning a title shot against the great champion Roy Jones Jr. Fighting bravely, the underdog Griffin surprised everyone and even Jones with a superb performance. He fought Jones to a standstill, soundly beating him at various times early in the fight. 

Late in the fight, Jones knocked Griffin down, who immediately took a knee. Jones hit him with a punch that sent Griffin to the canvas. The referee then disqualified Jones, awarding the fight and the light heavyweight title to Montel Griffin.

His book also tells us of Griffin's charitable side: he allows young people to come into his gym, Windy City Gym, and work out for free. He says it's his way of giving back. It's a tribute to all those in the past who helped him when he was young and sometimes in need. 

Griffin had come a long way, from facing his grief and pain to overcoming it and succeeding. His story is an inspiring for young and old alike. #THEBRAWLERSSPORTSBOXINGSHOW


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