Tuscaloosa's Travon Lawson Upsets A side PBC 's Angel Barrientes.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Tuscaloosa’s up and coming prospect and star of the night’s upset, Travon Lawson came to fight. PBC’s exciting A Side prospect Angel Barrientes came in with a 4-1, 3 KO record, while Lawson came in with a nearly identical 4-0, 3 KO record. Lawson said ‘hey I’m no walk in the park’. 
Lawson stayed busy and gave Angel the business. He changed his B to the A with a devastating and outstanding performance resulting in a 4th round KO over Barrientes, Lawson should be screaming ‘hey PBC how you like me now’? 
Just a country boy from Tuscaloosa, same as former WBC Heavyweight Champion of the World Deontay Wilder. Barrientes for the first 3 rounds of the fight was in control, as PBC expected him to be. Bringing in the likes of Lawson, whose boxing skills PBC seemed to feel were not equivalent to Barrientes. 
Come the fourth round, Lawson was connecting with hard shots. He was ‘swinging for the fences’, if you will. Lawson was catching Barrientes with multiple hard right hands that snapped Barrientes neck back, sending him to the canvas. The referee then stopped the fight at 55 seconds of the fourth round. 
What a great Christmas gift indeed this was for Lawson, who is 31 years old. This is a good lesson for other up and coming prospects worrying about their opponents being in the A side and the favorites! Go in and trust your skill set and the camp you had. and Listen to your corner and put your punches together, and anything is possible in boxing. 
Congrats to “Team Lawson”! We wish him the best of luck in his career moving into 2021. Well that’s it for now boxing fans, Brawlers Sports Media looks forward to delivering you another solid year in 2021 starting off with Ryan Garcia Vs Luke Campbell, whom I am picking to win with a big upset starting off the year. 
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