Tyson vs Jones Jr Tops Fury vs Wilder II in 2020 PPV Sales.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Well everybody: this goes to show you just how popular “IRON” Mike Tyson still is within the boxing world and the fans. 
Deontay Wilder Vs Tyson Fury II sold 825,000 homes for that Feb 2020 fight, while Tyson Vs Jones JR. sold 1.2 million homes for an exhibition bout and 8 rounds 2 mins per round. It is the Number 1 Pay Per View (PPV) event of 2020-which is powerful because of the Pandemic. 
This says a lot about where boxing is at currently. It seems that champions such as Tyson and Jones are still very much loved and appreciated. For all they have done for the sport of boxing during their Wonder Years as former World Champions, fans still like to see them. 
Mike Tyson may be the new boxing cash cow with his upcoming Legends League, and may generate tons of money and fans during his comeback. 
I can see many more former Heavyweight champions coming on board for a chance at fighting the legendary world Champion Iron Mike Tyson. Former champ Evander Holyfield, Tyson’s nemesis, has recently stated that all Tyson has to do is to ‘sign the contract’. 
We’re just watching this thing go into a world wind frenzy. Well, let’s see what the next show’s intel is. What other former champions will appear in the new Legends League?. Well boxing fans that’s it for now. Let’s hear your take on the Legends League? And who do you want to see appear?


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