WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman Discusses Mandatories and WBC Policies.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Brawlers Sports Media was invited by the WBC to attend their year end Zoom meeting to close out the year. Everything that we all have had to endure with the pandemic crippling this great country and abroad was the primary concern. 

President Mauricio Sulaiman discussed how he wants to start a tournament effective after you have a Unified Champion in any given weight class division, if you will. This will allow the champion to have only one mandatory fight and not multiple ones! In years prior, Don King did this in the middleweight division, if anyone remembers. Back then, the middleweight division  had B-HOP (Bernard Hopkins), William Joppy, Felix “Tito” Trinidad, and Keith Holmes. 

The WBC President also talked about Devin Haney and how he now will get the winner of the Garcia Vs Campbell fight to start the 2021 boxing new year off in Jan 2 2021. I have provided you with some good talking points that Mauricio touched regarding the whole mandatory mandate and how it’s designed to work. 

The WBC has been busy this year with all that they are involved in outside of the ring as well as inside. The programs WBC CARES World Wide is a program of going out into the community helping those in need out during these harsh times of COVID19. This is merely a program that provides Covid funding, distant learning, and keeping people together during hard times. 

Brawlers Sports also asked the WBC President about what can the fans expect regarding the Trilogy fight of Tyson Fury & Deontay Wilder. Also discussed was the possibility of Fury vacating the belt he took from Wilder to pursue a fight with Anthony Joshua. Sulaiman made it clear that the WBC does not have any say over that. The issue is solely between Team Wilder & Team Fury, and what their contract stipulations laid out. The WBC has no mandatory for this fight to happen whatsoever. 

WBC thanked a very dear and key player to the WBC Chair to the WBC Cares World Wide program Ms. Jill Diamond is noted for her attentiveness and what she contributes in helping others. Ms. Diamond said she is very proud and happy to have access to this platform in helping keep people together. 

Brawlers Sports Media would like to thank the WBC for thinking of and inviting me. We at Brawlers Sports Media wishes the entire WBC family a very Merry Christmas


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