Why, Floyd? Stephen A. Smith Says Mayweather vs. Paul is BAD for Boxing!

Article by Rick Mohamed

Stephen A. Smith, the Mouth that Roars on ESPN, understands Paul’s marketability and ability to get eyes on the sport of boxing, but still asks Floyd: “Why?”

ESPN analyst and sportswriter Stephen A. Smith, he of the controversial and loud opinion, has weighed in on the Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul match, set for June 6, 2021 @ Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, FL.. He questions why would Floyd, who is considered an all time great, would risk it all against a total novice, a Youtube sensation who has basically taken up boxing as a hobby in Paul. 
Paul, along with his brother Jake are both popular Youtubers who have gone into boxing. They aren’t experienced fighters, but they are getting expert advice and training. Smith gives them credit for their seeming respect for the fight game. 
However, other more seasoned fighters who struggle to get fights and wait years for that big payday despite sterling records with high KO ratios, wouldn’t dare dream of getting a fight with Floyd. The fact is that the Paul brothers get attention and attracts millions of eyes to the sport. 
Like it or not, Triller and the Paul brothers are new players on the boxing chessboard. Believe me, they’re making very aggressive and successful moves! 
Boxing’s promoters have run the sport for many years, and many fans blame the likes of “old school” promoters, and others for not allowing the fighters they control to fight each other on a regular basis. 
It’s complicated.
Far too often, negotiations for fights that fans would pay a pretty penny for break down and don’t happen due to too many factors. Maybe the “new blood” will get fighters together to give fans the fights they want, on a more regular basis. Time will tell, boxing fans.

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