Xavier Martinez Stays On Course, Earns Unanimous Decision Vs Claudio Marrera.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Xavier Martinez is one tough customer as he stepped in the right on his 23rd birthday Vs Claudio Marrera. Martinez came out the gate sticking to his fight plan and popping out that right jab in his southpaw stance, keeping Marrera from getting set. Martinez had good fortunes with that straight powerful left hand that he delivered to Marrera all night long. If it wasn’t the straight left to the head it was the cringing left hook to the body. 
Marrera came out in the third round displaying his speed and power as he attempted to attack Martinez viciously. However, Martinez held his own and never once got rattled or became unhinged. He stayed with the fight plan that he and his team had rehearsed daily in training camp. 
The momentum in this fight was back and forth. It turned out to be a very entertaining fight for the fans. 
Suddenly, Marrera rocked Martinez with his smoking “GUN”: a devastating right hook. It sent Martinez to the canvas early in the 8th round, although he survived. Marrera came right back with a volley of his own combinations, letting his hands go. 
One of my favorite referees, Arthur Mercante Jr. stepped in to give Martinez a standing eight count. Martinez, being the poised tough customer he is, was able to survive the worse round of his career. After getting his legs back and his head clear Martinez knew he had a double knock down 10-8 round and needed to rally himself back into this fight. 
He definitely wanted to survive a possible L. 
What a comeback! It was also a great birthday present for Martinez to survive a double knock down round in the 8th round, come back and win a unanimous decision for the Victory. Martinez improves to 16-0 with 11 KO’s. He has now put himself in a position to fight for one of the many 130lb belts that are out there. Congrats to “Team Martinez for a spectacular performance and an even greater comeback. 

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