Gervonta Tank Davis Prevails: Proves to Critics He'll Dominate 140 Lb Division-TKO’s Barrios in 11

Article by Rick Mohamed

Gervonta Tank Davis moves up 2 weight classes, wins WBA Super Lightweight title with an awesome 11th round TKO of a very game Mario Barrios.

Atlanta, GA, June 26, 2021: The little big man Gervonta “Tank” Davis exploded just like a tank firing off high explosives (HE) rounds in war! WBA Super lightweight champion Mario Barrios kept Davis on the outside for much of 6 rounds, just touching Davis with his extra-long reach and stinging left jab. 
The early rounds no doubt were in the bag for him, until the tables turned in the beginning of the 7th. That’s when Davis picked up the pace and started letting his hands go as well as figuring out how to get inside and start attacking Barrios body. 
In the 8th round, Tank threw a looping right hook to Barrios’ temple, sending him literally flying to the canvas with both feet in the air. He then got up like the warrior and champion that he is, but Tank fired off another high explosive round that (HE) blew up on Barrios. 
Down he went for the second time in the 8th. Like a shark sensing blood in the water, Tank by then was on a mission to finish him. At this point, he had figured out and broken through Barrios’ defense and took his fight plan away from him. 
Barrios survived the 8th only to come back out in the 9th and get punished more and more to the body. More punishment back up top to the head at this point. 
I’m sure “Team Davis” smelled victory, for they could kind of sense the fat lady getting ready to sing. The 11th round came, with Tank dropping Barrios with a devastating left uppercut power shot to the liver. 
That downed Barrios for the 3rd and final time. 
He cringed from the damage Tank delivered. He stood to his feet again, gallantly determined to go out on his shield. The referee in charge could see that Barrios had sustained more than enough punishment to call the fight at this point. 
This made Tank Davis the divisional World Champion in 3 different weight class divisions simultaneously, if you will. The only men to do this are the legendary Henry Armstrong and today’s P4P, Canelo Alvarez. 
This fight definitely catapulted Davis career to the next level, without a doubt. All I have to say is all 140 pounders beware! There is a new sheriff in town, and his name is Gervonta “Tank” Davis. 
The State Farm Arena and the beautiful city of Atlanta went bananas last night all due to the electrifying and explosive, yet very talented young Davis. The DMV and all of Baltimore MD AKA BMORE, stand up baby! 
Well, I hope all you boxing fans enjoyed this magnificent night of boxing and the history that Tank gave us. Until next time. “LETSGOCHAMP”! 
Before I go, the champ quoted that he was glad he is in this position, and thankful for his mentor, his close friend and promoter Floyd “Money” Mayweather for believing in him when he was a young “Shawty” coming up in the amateur ranks. Floyd told him ‘I will make you a world champion in multiple weight classes.’. “It’s about Greatness!” the promoter said.





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