Anthony Dirrell returned to the ring tonight after coming off of a KO loss to David Benevidas. Dirrell started off being the aggressor establishing his jab and setting up his punches nicely, however Kyrone Davis stood his grounds. This fight in my opinion was going back and forth, at one point Dirrell was letting his hands go beautifully, but Davis had something to say about that himself as he to put together some nice combinations on Dirrell, Davis also stayed in Dirrell chest and wouldn’t back down. Dirrell no doubt was hoping to get a victory tonight and may have felt he did enough to get that W, but Davis would turn the tables and still rounds in the last 30 seconds of each round and had much success with descent power shots he delivered to Dirrell. Davis made a name for himself tonight despite getting a split decision draw, he proved that he was tough wasn’t intimidated at all by Dirrell and he stood the test, and will get the call for more bigger fights. Dirrell will have to look at the tape on this fight tonight and go back and make the necessary adjustments prior to his next outing as he continues his quest for a rematch Vs Benevidas. Dirrell got caught with some good shots and is nothing but shaking off some ring rust from his absence, he will be back better than ever and I was him I’d jump back in the ring as early as April. What did you think of this fight tonight boxing fans? Weigh in. Until next time. LETSGOCHAMPS!!