Battle of the Platforms: Youtuber Austin McBroom KOs Tik Tokker Bryce Hall in 3

Article by Rick Mohamed

In the Battle of the Platforms Main Event, Austin McBroom cleans Bryce Hall’s clock, pounding him with shots until he couldn’t take it, then finally succumbs by KO in the 3rd round

Miami Gardens, FL.: At the very same site of the Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul match just one week earlier, Miami Garden’s Hard Rock Stadium hosted The Battle of the Platforms: Youtube vs. Tik Tok. This event pitted Youtube sensations,(similar to Paul & his brother Jake), against stars from another popular social media platform: Tik Tok.
Youtube sensations vs. Tik Tok sensations fight results:
  1. Austin McBroom def. Bryce Hall
  2. AnEsonGib vs. Tayler Holder: Majority Draw
  3. Vinnie Hacker def. Deji
  4. DDG def. Nate Wyatt
  5. Faze Jarvis def. Michael Le
  6. Landon McBroom def. Ben Azelart
  7. Ryan Johnston def. Cale Saurage
Only 1 Tik Tok star, Vinnie Hacker, won his fight when he defeated Youtube star Deji. So, the final tally on the Battle of the Platforms is Youtubers 5, Tik Tokkers 1.
In the Main event, Youtuber Austin McBroom (Of The Ace Family Youtube channel) battles Tik Tok’s Bryce Hall. The fight is so contentious (for example, McBroom and his team calls Austin’s opponent “Bryce Fall”) that the 2 made a bet: whichever knocks the other out, gets a cool $1 million payout! Whoa… 
Nevertheless, the fight started with both men going after each other. Hall was penalized a point, yet McBroom’s superior speed proved to carry the day as he dominated the fight, especially in the 2nd round, when he floored Hall. 
The referee was forced to stop the fight in the 3rd when McBroom overwhelmed Hall for the TKO victory. While McBroom won the fight by a knockout, it was a technical one, so there’s no word on whether that forces Hall to pay him to settle the bet or not. 
Die Hard boxing fans dismiss these events, but fans of these social media creators don’t, and they show up in force: the ppv for this event was $29.99, yet actual ppv numbers have yet to be released. Promoters dominate real, professional boxing, and fans are increasingly frustrated that they can’t get the fights they actually want to see. 
However, with the onset of Triller, things seem to be opening up, and this could bode well for boxing and its fans. Just recently, hip hop legend and actor Ice-T and his wife Coco hosted a Celebrity Boxing event that featured former NBA player & world champion Lamar Odom defeated singer Aaron Carter by TKO in the 2nd round, and in the co-Main Event, hip hop producer Cisco Rosado defeated reality star/rapper/producer/Cheaters host Peter Gunz in a majority decision. 
These events are getting pay per view buys, and these fighters are making literally millions of dollars for a sport that to them is more like a “hobby”, than a real livelihood. While you may never see a real, actual fighter in the ring with a celebrity or social media star in a real fight (it has happened n exhibitions over the years), promoters will be looking at a way to capture the interests of the new fans who are flocking to these events. 
Congrats to the “Teams” of all the winners, especially to “Team McBroom”!



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