Did Floyd Mayweather Actually Knock Out Logan Paul?

Article by Rick Mohamed

Floyd Mayweather fought Logan Paul to a standstill in their “special exhibition”, with no winner declared. However, at one point, it seems that Floyd actually knocked out Paul on his feet, but he held Paul up to keep him from falling…Did you see it, and did it seem that way to you?

Miami, FL.: Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul fought their “special exhibition” and it ended in a standstill. The rules allowed for a knockout victory that only the referee could declare, but other than that there were no judges, so no winner was declared. 
Their respective records weren’t on the line. Floyd is one of the greatest boxers ever to lace up a pair of gloves. 
He’s a master in the ring, and he’s defeated other great fighters that are still fighting to this day: Oscar De La Hoya (retired, but now unretired-TBA), Canelo Alvarez (still fighting, and is considered the best fighter in the world today, P4P-pound for pound), and Manny Pacquiao (still fighting, scheduled to fight Errol Spence Jr. in 2 months from now). 
Paul, on the other hand, lost his only match, a decision to KSI. 
During the fight, Floyd hit Paul with a punch on the left side of his head that seemingly knocked him out on his feet, but Floyd held him up. Some saw it, but others deny it. If Floyd had actually knocked Paul out and let him hit the floor instead of propping him up, it would’ve been disastrous for Paul’s young boxing career: he and his brother Jake are top draws in boxing, financially. 
They draw their social media fans to the events, attract huge interest, put fans in seats, and get tons of ppv (pay per view) buys. In a time where welterweight champion Terence “Bud” Crawford, another top P4P choice, has a very difficult time drawing interest for a big fight, the Pauls simply thrive. 
Mayweather knows this, and like a shark to bloody water, is attracted to them. He could ill afford a KO in this fight, and Paul can’t, either. It would’ve cast serious doubt on his and his brother Jake’s career. 
They have more fights to fight, and more money to make. I imagine a card where big name legitimate champions will be fighting on the undercard of the Paul brothers fights. 
Fans are buying, so it just makes good financial sense. 
SHOWTIME PPV is going to have to give out refunds to some fans whose reception to the fight failed, rendering them unable to view the fight at all. A few fans might even pursue a refund simply because the fight was so boring, with Paul reduced to holding for much of the fight’s later rounds. 
I imagine that some of them might get that refund-only because they’ll probably reap the benefit of those with a legitimate claim. If you’re driving too fast, and if all the cars are around you are doing the same, how can the police ticket all of you simultaneously?



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