Bola Osundairo COOKS Super Middleweights!

Bola Osundairo

Article by Rick Mohamed

He Wants All The Smoke | (Brawlers Sports Media CEO Rick Mohamed Interviews the Osundairo Brothers)

Bola Osundairo & his brother Abel are interviewed LIVE by Brawlers Sports Media CEO Rick Mohamed. The Osundairo Brothers are on a mission to gain success and help others in their homeland of Nigeria plus many more in Africa & all over the African Diaspora. Bola is an upcoming hard-charging young heavyweight about to make his professional debut. He also plans to box for Nigeria in the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris France.

Osundairo Brothers call Chicago their home

Though living in Chicago, IL. in the U.S., a rule allows for pros in the U.S. to fight for their native country as an amateur, allowing Bola to compete in the Olympics. The brothers have also competed in the sport of bodybuilding, but are quite unhappy with the level of fairness they perceive displayed at the highest levels in that sport. Regardless, both strive for greatness to serve as an inspiration to others.

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