Standout Amateur Prospect Michael “Mann Mann” Dawson Jr. Talks Nationals & Pro Career.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Brawlers Sports Media CEO Rick Mohamed spoke with the young talented 18 year old boxer Michael “Mann Mann” Dawson Jr.. Michael Dawson is an amateur standout who has competed at the very highest level, if you will. 
This young man is sitting on an impeccable record of 135 wins with 10 losses and around 8 stoppages. I have no doubt that Dawson will carry the torch when he does decide to turn pro. He’ll lay it all out on the line for all his hard work and dedication that he has given to the sport of boxing. 
Michael Dawson Sr., Mann Mann’s dad, says there is a separation when being the father/coach of your own kid. He has to divide his parenting from coaching. He speaks to his son in a different way inside that ring than he would were they at the dinner table. Sr. & Jr. have both decided that Mann Mann will go ahead and participate in the 2021 Nationals in mid March. 
The USA Boxing Committee has altered the rules for selecting the the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games, so if a fighter wins the Nationals they are automatically guaranteed a slot on the Olympic team. Dawson Sr did say that if his son does not win it all in the 138LB weight class division then you will see him step inside the ring not long after in his pro debut. 
This young man will only be turning 19 in Jan 2021, so there is no rush. He may as well give it one last run before going pro, raising his stock for interested promoters who can make him offers. Dawson Jr. says he is explosive fun yet entertaining to watch. His dad has trained him in a pro level since day one. He feels he has the entire package to be the best. 
Brawlers Sports Media thanks you guys for coming on and interviewing with us and we will definitely be tracking Michael “MANN MANN” Dawson Jr’s 2021 Nationals pursuit.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Brawlers Sports Media CEO Rick Mohamed spoke with boxing’s next female phenom, Ms. Fei Faiva. Fei said she is learning something new each and every time she steps in that square. Fei talked about how she sets up her attack mode for her opponents by gradually closing the gap and scooting her left foot closer and closer to her opponent while using good upper lateral side to side torso movement. 
This young lady is training in the same legendary boxing gym in Catskills NY as the former Heavyweight champ of the world did “IRON” Mike Tyson at Cus D’ Amato gym. Fei’s trainer Mr. Darrin Ruff said he is very pleased with the training and the quickness that Fei catches on with. She is truly a joy to train and be a part of on a daily basis. He says he can see her moving up to 6 rounders moving into 2021. 
Fei’s manager Mr. Kyle Lyles said she is fighting in GA. for her 5th pro fight come 12 DEC. I would assume Fei will be 5-0 with possibly 4 KO’s by then. 
This young lady, mind you, is only 18 years old and has so much more learning and growing to do. I still say she will have her first World Title by mid to late 2021. Manager Lyles says all the same people trainers, etc who were there before Tyson had arrived are still there and all play a key role with Fei’s training. 
Can you imagine all the knowledge that is being instilled in young Fei from legends of the game?! All I can I can say to women in the 126LB weight division is: there is a new Sheriff in town and her name is “FEI FAIVA”

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