[INTERVIEW] Today’s a New Day for 140 lb Prospect Adrien Bermudez Jr.

Adrien Bermudez Jr

Article by Rick Mohamed

Today was a life changing day, if you will, for up and coming 140 lb. prospect Adrien Bermudez Jr. from Dallas TX! This is a young man who has the passion to become the best boxer he can be. 
Sometimes in this sport you come across all the wrong people that you could possibly associate yourself with. Adrien is one of those guys who didn’t have a trainer he could trust to teach him the art of boxing. He needed a wise teacher who could imbue him with all the basic boxing fundamentals one must learn as a student of the game. 
Unfortunately, Adrien found himself training himself, finding his own fights, then showing up at the fight sites with no representation whatsoever. He didn’t even have a trainer to wrap his hands and guide him through battle. Adrien has a professional record standing at 0-2 because he took fights while working a job and not training properly. As a result of not having a trainer, he took last minute fights.
He wasn’t prepared, he didn’t know how to be in proper shape or training. This often happens to guys like Adrien who have dreams of becoming a world champion and taking care of their families, if you will. I believe everyone gets a second chance in life! This is why today is a new day for Adrien Bermudez Jr, as he has signed a management deal with none other than “Brawlers Sports Management Group LLC” CEO Rick Mohamed (this writer) to the rescue. 
I plan on getting Adrien those 2 losses back and make him whole again. I’ll show him what it is a manager does for a fighter. I know that it’s not just who I can throw him into the ring with to make money. I can develop a fighter and pair him with the right trainer. Our team will provide him the right sparring partners, proper weight cutting, dieting techniques, and even a nutritionist.
All these things Adrien could have ever imagined. Previously, he had such a bad taste in his mouth when he first turned pro back in June 2017. After he had his second pro fight in FEB 2018, he walked away from the sport for 2 years. I can only imagine how he must have felt lost out here all by himself. His glorious boxing dream suddenly looked real gloomy. 
We at Brawlers will revamp his career and give him what he needs to be successful at his craft. Stand up Adrien Bermudez Jr. and hold your head high Champ, you have new life now! 


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