[INTERVIEW] WBC Featherweight Champ MR. Gary Russell Jr. Lays it All on the Line.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Brawlers Sports Media CEO Rick Mohamed sat down & spoke with WBC Featherweight Champion Gary Russell Jr. In a riveting 26 minute interview, the champ said he definitely wants Gervonta “Tank” Davis as his next big mega fight! 
However, these guys he’s been calling out to fight always turn the other way and take another fight, says Gary. That doesn’t even solidify them being great or fighting other elite fighters like himself. 
Russell says Leo Santa Cruz isn’t a sound technical fighter but was having some good fortune vs Tank and had the look of concern on Mayweather’s face prior to the 6 round infamous KO that caught Santa Cruz. Gary felt Leo was engaging in close counters with Davis, who connected with a beautifully delivered left uppercut that sent Santa Cruz to sleep. 
Gary also says fans are wondering why he fights only once a year? He stated because all the elite fighters he calls out to fight always fold for some reason or another! The fights they do offer him aren’t the fights he wants for his fans. The Champ says he wants all those that consider themselves the elite in their craft. 
Brawlers asked why aren’t we seeing the Devin Haney Vs Gary Russell Jr. fight this weekend instead of Yuriorkis Gamboa? Russell said all the rumors state he was just all talk and no fight. 
However, the business aspect of boxing is a real thing. He’d agreed to fight Haney, but the term sheet Haney’s team sent him was not complete. That’s not the way the Russell team conducts business. 
Russell stated in Haney’s term sheet certain terms regarding DAZN & MatchRoom boxing, but the particulars were not solid or mentioned. Example: what network would the fight be aired on? DAZN, Showtime, Fox, etc? 
The Champ believes that the Haney camp never had any intentions on fighting him. This was a ploy to get the hype up, because team Haney already had their fight date slotted for Nov 7 anyway. Russell said he must have an 8 week camp prior to a fight, or it isn’t happening. 
In closing, Russell shared that someone reached out to him via his Instagram account. The message stated this person doesn’t follow him, isn’t a fan or anything like that. He shared information that Floyd contacted Haney’s dad and told him fighting Russell isn’t a smart look for Devin. Russell said he doesn’t know how true this is. He did share with all his fan base on Instagram for their review. 
The champ says he would love Gervonta “Tank” Davis to be his next fight. If not he will just have to see what happens going into the 2021 schedule. Also, whatever mandatory they select when the time comes of course has to be honored. This was a good crash course in boxing business 101. The champ broke things down for his fans who are always on the outside looking in.

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