Spence Vs Garcia Press Conference Today Via Zoom with Their Trainers.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Today’s press conference was the typical press conference, if you will, with an array of questions addressed to both fighters. Errol Spence says coming back into the gym, training and preparing for his upcoming title defense vs Garcia has been good but felt weird! 
I was hoping for a follow up question to that statement “WEIRD”: what felt weird exactly? Spence also says he’s been in the gym since March! How is that and that devastating accident was shortly after the Porter fight in Feb 2020? This is going to be interesting to see where Spence’s physical being is at. Is he the same super star athlete who displayed tremendous athleticism in all of his fights until the accident? 
Spence was asked why such an risky fight vs Garcia as his comeback fight? What’s the hurry to fight a top well known name in the welterweight division? His response was he didn’t want a soft padded fight. He wants to fight only elite fighters for his fans because he is the P4P and is expected to fight only the best in the division. 
Garcia and his pops Angel Garcia says they will be ready for whatever Spence and trainer Derrick James come to the ring with no matter what that is they are prepared and ready. They will be victorious come Dec 5. Both fighters state that camp is good and they are both coming along gradually and on schedule as planned. 
Spence’s weight is at 160 lbs currently with 3.5 weeks to go until fight night. He’s not starving himself to cut that weight. 
Both fighters were asked what’s makes each of their trainers great? Garcia replied ‘my pops knows everything about me and gives me that push, the confidence that he can overcome and accomplish anything’! Spence responded that James pays attention to the little things even if Spence is 100% on point. James always sees some minute little thing that will make all the difference in the fight if it’s not addressed. 
Most would question Spence as to why take this fight? I believe Trainer James knows his fighter better than anybody! And here’s the thing: if Spence is only about 75% back to normal that’s enough to box Danny and get the W! That being said, I see Garcia testing Errol’s ability to fight and scrap early just to get a visual of his demeanor since being back in the ring. 
Garcia hasn’t proven to be able to stand the test with a really natural big welterweight, as he wasn’t able to Vs Thurman or Porter. Hopefully things will be different for Garcia on Dec 5 at AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys and Errol Spence. 
Both fighters declared victory come Dec 5 . We shall see boxing fans, this will be another great night for the sport of Boxing. Please sound off, boxing fans! Who you got? 

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