Alycia Baumgardner Explodes & Wins the Titles!

Alycia Baumgardner

Article by Rick Mohamed

Alycia Baumgardner won the ladies IBF & IBO super featherweight titles on Saturday, Nov 13, 2021, in The Sheffield Arena in Sheffield England with a 4th round TKO over formerly undefeated Terri Harper. She raises her sterling record to 11-1, with 7 big time KOs. 

A holistic practitioner & Ford model, Alycia came extremely prepared to the bout, and she didn’t disappoint at all. A 7-1 underdog, she attacked her opponent, blasting her in the 2nd round with hard solid right hands. 

When the 4th round came, she went in for the kill: she hit Harper with another damaging right, followed by a final left hook. She dominated Harper to the point that referee Mark Lyson had to come in with the stoppage. 

However, she says she’s not finished: she wants to unify the super featherweight titles! 

“The ones that overlooked me, fueled me. People got to see a tad of who Alycia is. Since everyone was booing me, I embraced it and it pumped me up even more. When I landed the punch, I felt all my power hit her right on the chin. When I saw her hurt, I knew just to finish her right now. I thought immediately that I did it, and I am a world champion. I want to unify the division, and I am going to be the undisputed champion,” Baumgardner told 

Bingham Farms of Michigan (her training base) & Fremont, Ohio (her hometown) should stand up: “The Bomb” has exploded, impressing fight fans all over the world with her awesome performance and winning the straps! 

Brawlers Sports remembers Alycia when she was young, hungry and up-and-coming. She showed lots of promise back then, and she delivered on that. It’s exciting and pleasing to see her strike gold and hit the big time. Congratulations Alycia! LETSGOCHAMP!





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