Daniel Dubois Quits - Eye Closure Caused by Joe Joyce.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Daniel Dubois was having much success in his fight last night vs Joe Joyce! He established a good jab and set up his one-two off the jab, nicely catching Joyce with many hard right hand power shots. Dubois backed up Joyce most of the night. 
Joyce started turning the fight around after taking some hard shots from Dubois early on. 
One might have thought Dubois was on the verge of possibly stopping Joyce. Joyce also established a good jab as well, which eventually caused the closing of Dubois’ left eye to a point. Joyce caught him with a straight hard left jab (similar to the punches Andrew Moloney gave Joshua Franco a few weeks back that actually closed Franco’s right eye, not the controversial phantom head butt). 
Dubois took a knee immediately after taking that shot to the eye in the 10th. He informed the ref that he was done! 
Now let’s talk about a fighter just quitting. 
This would never be the case of an American fighter. If the referee doesn’t stop it or the ringside doctor, or if your corner throws the towel in, you will never see the fighter just quit cold turkey, IJS. 
Joe Joyce won the titles last night and puts himself in place for a big shot possibly at the winner of Joshua vs Pulev. 
I thought Dubois fought a good fight; he was the busier of the 2 heavyweights. If he had more, lateral side to side head and upper body movement to slip Joyce’s jabs, then I don’t think the eye would have sustained the same damage, if you will. 
I will tell you this: Joyce wouldn’t last 6-8 rounds with AJ or The Gypsy King. On the other hand, Joyce & Dubois would be great comeback fights for Wilder, in my opinion. Both these guys keep their chins straight in the air and fight square all night. That being said, yes, Wilder’s chin is also in the air, but he does tend to move around better. 
Well boxing fans, what’s your take on this one? Sound off!

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