Emanuel Navarrete Devastates Christopher Diaz in the 12th Round to Retain His WBO Featherweight Championship!!!

Article by Giovanti GMONEY Mohamed

Emanuel Navarrette dominates Christopher throughout the fight, finally ends it in the 12th Rd.

Emanuel Navarrete was too much for Christopher Diaz during their WBO Featherweight Championship fight. From round 3 on, he was in complete control, winning almost every round. 
Navarrete dropped Diaz in the 4th round with a vicious feint right left uppercut. Navarrete would go on to knock Diaz down several more times in the later rounds. 
Christopher Diaz showed tremendous heart throughout the entire fight, but he was unable to mount a serious enough challenge. Navarrete’s reach advantage (74 inches to Diaz’ 66 inches) played a very big part in the fight along with his awkward style. 
Navarrete threw punches from all kinds of different angles. Diaz didn’t have an answer for anything Navarrete did. In the 12th and final round, Navarrete put combinations together and landed devastating punches, forcing Diaz’ cornerman to waive the fight off for the TKO with mere seconds left.

At 126 lbs., Navarrete will be a very hard man to beat. His awkward style, along with his crazy long reach advantage, make for a very hard obstacle for any fighter to overcome. 
In addition, the constant pressure he presents throughout the entire fight serve to overwhelm his opponents. He is 3-0 since he won the featherweight title.* 
In my opinion, we won’t see Navarrete in a real test until he moves up to 130 pounds (lightweight) to fight the likes of an Oscar Valdez or a Shakur Stevenson. Emanuel Navarrete vs Oscar Valdez would be an amazing Mexican showdown that the fans would love to see. 
Hopefully Navarrete will eventually move up to 130 pounds so we can see those action pack fights. Congratulations to Emanuel Navarrete a true warrior!! LETSGOCHAMP!
* NOTE: Previously, this article stated that Navarrette was 8-0 since turning featherweight. That has been corrected. We regret the error, and apologize.

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