Brandon Figueroa Outfights & KOs Luis Nery in 7 for Super Bantamweight Titles !

Article by Rick Mohamed

Brandon Figueroa unites WBA & WBC titles by wearing down a hear fighting Luis Nery, then puts him away in the 7th-now he’ll fight Stephen Fulton Jr. on Sept. 11 to unite the super bantamweight titles

In Showtime’s PBC’s Main Event at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson CA, Brandon Figueroa, the WBA super bantamweight champion, captured the WBC super bantamweight strap with an impressive 7th round KO Vs Luis Nery. Figueroa came out from the bell using his smothering aggressive style against Nery. 
However, Nery put on a great performance himself in the early half of the fight. This fight did not disappoint; it lived it up to all the hype said promoter Premiere Boxing Champions (PBC). 
Figueroa’s corner realized in rounds 4 & 6 that Nery was wearing down trying to keep up with Figueroa’s pace. Figueroa said he could hear Nery breathing heavily and showing signs of fatigue from all that pressing work he was serving Nery. 
The early part of the fight, Nery was was doing most of the damage, according to Compubox, with a 34% punch ratio Vs Figueroa’s 27%. Then the tables turned: Figueroa delivered a spectacular show in closing out the fight. 
After the sixth round Figueroa’s corner told him ‘he’s done, he’s tired now to a point where you just need to go out and finish him’! Figueroa, being a good listener, did just that by pressuring Nery even more, then delivering a solid devastating body shot that sent Nery to the canvas. 
He could not beat the referee’s count; this fight was over with 2:27 secs going into the 7th round. 
Figueroa said this win was like a dream come true. Everybody had counted him out, but with hard work and dedication, he was determined to prevail. 
The win puts Figueroa in position for a mega fight for the unified Super Bantamweight Championship of the World vs Philadelphia’s own Stephen Fulton Jr. Fulton praised Figueroa on a job well done, but he said he’s been waiting for this moment and it’s his time. 
Figueroa feels the same and said he can and will beat Fulton in their unification bout come Sept. 11 on Showtime. 
This isn’t just a big fight for Figueroa & Fulton Jr. but for all Americans: this fight will happen on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11, a day no one will ever forget. The attack on this great country where commercial jet liners crashed into NYC Twin Towers, the Pentagon & a Pennsylvania field, spark the strongest feelings in the families of those lost and we who witnessed it on TV. 
May we never forget. 
Well boxing fans ,that’s it, so until next time: LETSGOCHAMPS!!

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