It’s The Takeover baby! Teofimo Lopez Defeats Lomachenko - And the New Unified LightWeight Champion of the World! Part 1

Teofimo Lopez

Article by Rick Mohamed

From the opening bell, Teofimo Lopez delivered a masterful fight plan last night as he became the youngest and 2nd-fastest unified world champ ever at just 23 years old (Mike Tyson did it in 1987 at 21 years old). Lopez gave Vasily Loma Lomachenko a boxing clinic, if you will. 
He walked Loma down all night with a beautiful jab, constantly attacking Loma’s body. Loma allowed Lopez to take and keep the earlier rounds, making it almost impossible to come from behind and win without a KO. 
It wasn’t until the ninth round when Loma began to step on the gas and fight with a purpose. Yet the young Lion Lopez remained focused and continued his quest to defeat the superstar. Every time Loma tried to go about using those angles that had great success with all his other foes, Lopez would step around and turn him. Then he’d touch him up with his jab. 
No doubt Lopez was deserving as he was crowned the victor, However, I felt some of the scoring was off. Many even felt it was a draw! No way! Give Lopez all the proper respect he deserves. He did what no one thought he could do and indeed, he delivered.

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