Jerwin Ancajas Gets Unanimous Decision for the W vs Jonathan Rodriguez.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Jerwin Ancajas retains the IBF Junior Bantamweight title, is now 9-0-1 in championship fights.

Jerwin Ancajas: man oh man, what an entertaining, dynamite fight this was in the 115LB weight class division! Ancajas, 29 and now 33-1-2 with 22 KOs, is bad to the bone, make no mistake about it. 
With this victory, he retained his IBF junior bantamweight title, making him 9-0-1 in championship fights. The Filipino fighter, who is under Manny Pacquiao’s promotion company MP Promotions is no joke. 
Johnathan Rodriguez showed he had the heart of a champion, as he made his debut on Showtime and fighting in the US. I can assure you the boxing world and all the competition in the 115LB weight class are paying attention after this performance. 
Rodriguez, 25 and now 22-2, 16 KOs, got dropped in the 6th round and was hurt several times. Yet he got up and rose to the occasion, fighting his way back into the match. 
He and Ancajas went at it and did not disappoint the boxing fans who tuned in to this fight, trust me. Ancajas let his hands go without abandon, plus the many angles that he shot his punches from while sitting down on his butt to get the maximum effectiveness from the delivery of those punches is what’s so awesome about his performance. 
I didn’t agree with the judges’ scorecards in the end, though. As usual they were way out in left field. It was quite disrespectful to not have had Rodriguez not even in this fight as they awarded Ancajas with a unanimous decision (UD). 
Rodriguez fought his way back into this fight enough that it could have possibly been a split draw. He fought his way back into the fight. He was starting to really touch Ancajas up nicely to the body and deliver some powerful combination shots to the head. 
I would love to see these two explosive fighters come back and do it again in a rematch, if you will! I can assure you: they will pick up from round 12 in their first meet if a rematch is possible. Congrats to “Team Ancajas” . Until next time boxing fans. LETSGOCHAMP!! 


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