Joshua Franco Vs Andrew Moloney Declared No Contest Due to Controversial Head Butt.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Andrew Moloney was robbed tonight as he closed the right eye of Joshua Franco with a stiff sold jab that the thumb of the glove connected causing immediate swelling to the right eye of Franco. The commission spent 26 mins replaying every minute of every second of that round to find and justify that head butt that the referee said caused the closing of the eye of Franco. 
This should have been a change of hands with the belt and making Moloney a 2X World Champion. Hopefully Franco and his trainer Robert Garcia will accommodate a third fight, this is only fair when you have such a controversial dispute here. If I were Franco I wouldn’t rest without giving Moloney the third fight because that means you didn’t win or earn the W in this rematch it’s a bogus win in my opinion. 
Let’s hope Franco and his team does the right thing and honors a third fight.

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