TONIGHT: Grudge Match-Joshua Franco vs. Andrew Moloney 3 Is a Go!

Article by Rick Mohamed

Tulsa, OK (August 14, 2021) Joshua Franco vs. Andrew Moloney 3 will be a grudge match, no doubt about it. Moloney (21-1, 14 KOs) wants vindication after the controversial no contest ruling of the 2nd fight (a head butt was determined to have been responsible for ending the match. Replays clearly showed that Moloney’ should have won by TKO), is eager to get the chance to prove that the first 2 fights (Franco won the first battle) were nithing but a fluke. He’s ready to win the WBA Super Flyweight belt back from Franco. Franco (17-1, 8 KOs) wants to earn a chance to move up in the rankings and fight the bigger names in the division. This is the Main Event of the event, held at Hard Rock Casino in Tulsa, OK. With a convincing win, the victor will rise!





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