Chi-Town's Kenneth “THE BOSSMAN” Sims Upsets Undefeated Elvis Rodriguez.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Kenneth “The Bossman” Sims delivers a shocking upset, beating undefeated Elvis Rodriguez and winning the WBC Interim championship.

Chicago’s uprising super star Kenneth “The BossMan” Sims won a majority decision over formerly undefeated Elvis Rodriguez for the WBC Interim Championship. From the bell, Sims began his attack with plenty of jabs thrown at Rodriguez, preventing him from getting set and loosing up on Sims. 
Both fighters put on one great performance LIVE in Las Vegas at the newly opened Virgin Hotel & Casino Las Vegas in Paradise, NV.. Sims threw some beautiful shots off the jab and worked Rodriguez’ body all night long. 
Sims used the angles yo beat his opponent to the punch. All the confidence that Sims fought with tonight all paid off. 
For a very long time, the road that he has gone down in the sport of boxing was a tough one, filled with huge bumps. In the fourth round Sims changed up and went to the southpaw stance to match up even better Vs Rodriguez. 
Although Sims normally fights in the orthodox position, he proved to be very versatile and just as effective with southpaw. Both fighters made this an exciting fight to watch blow for blow and the fireworks were going off, let me tell ya. 
In the 6-8 rounds Sims just stepped everything up another notch another level, if you will! I’m sure Sims’ corner knew this would be his toughest test yet; this fight was close for most of the night. 
Two of the judges had it 76-76 even, but the work and the power shots that Sims landed allowed him to prevail and win an impressive 8 round majority decision tonight. 
Sims and his team had every reason to celebrate; for all the hard work and dedication and sacrifice that he and his team devoted to this performance. Rodriguez fought Luke a true warrior, but even his best wasn’t good enough for a determined well prepared Sims, who was definitely on a mission. 
One could see his focus and attention to detail all night. Sims never allowed Rodriguez to get his feet set. 
Attentive boxing fans know that if this happens, Rodriguez will sit down on his butt, rear back, and deliver those vicious left-handed power shots that he has had much success with in his previous fights. Congrats to “Team Sims Jr.” tonight on a well deserved victory and he will be the best people’s champion he knows how to be. Stand up, Chi-Town: we showed up and showed out, baby! Until next time boxing fans. LETSGOCHAMPS!!.

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